Fusion of Five Elements – Mantak Chia Courses Fusion of Five Elements – Mantak Chia Courses

Fusion of Five Elements 1-3 | 23-26 Jan 2021

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The Fusion of the 5 Elements Meditation is the next step on the path of Taoist meditation. With the help of this traditional Taoist practice, you will learn to take your transformation of negative emotions to the next level and nourish your higher spirit. These meditation practices are targeted upon strengthening the body and the spirit on all levels.

This is the Taoist Jewel – a more advanced Inner Alchemy meditation and energy practice for powerful emotional transformation. 

Learn to:

•Develop your ability to perform deep emotional transformation in your organs

•Expand your spiritual growth by connecting to the Nature and the Universe

•Attract more healing energy from high frequency sources

What You Will Get

  • 4-days workshop
  • 22 hours of video lessons
  • A mix of practical exercises and theory
  • Morning Qigong routine
  • Booklets written by Mantak Chia

Level: All levels

Recommended: Inner Alchemy | Tao Basics

Certification hours: 20

This workshop is a part of Winter Retreat 2021. Get Full series with a discounted price.

Price: €
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