How to study at Mantak Chia School – Mantak Chia Courses How to study at Mantak Chia School – Mantak Chia Courses

How to study at Mantak Chia School

Choose your language

Welcome to the Mantak Chia School! 

We hope you’ll enjoy your time here. Before you start learning, please check how you to use the platform:

Before you start to study on the platform – please, Log in. Go to and click on the right upper menu button Log In like on the screenshot below.

Enter your login and password and click on the Button “Log In”.

Right after that you will see your account page. Welcome to Study!

If you forget your password – you can reset it on the main page. Just click again on the “Log In”, then in the form click on the “Lost Your Password?”

Then write your email or username:

After that you will recive an email with password reset link. Change the password, save it somewhere and use for log in next time.

After logging you can click on the course that you want to study.

When you have already opened the course page, you can study. We recommend that you complete each step in order.


When you finish the lesson or read the e-booklet — click on the button “Mark Complete”. This action means that you complete the step and earn some points.

In your account you can watch your progress.

When you complete your course, you can see points and complete workshops in your account.


  • you purchased recordings translated into your language
  • you participated in the Live course with translation into your language.

In this case after logging change the language in the upper-right corner by chosing the flag icon for your language.

If you don’t see the course after choosing the language – please, choose English back and click on the course. Sometimes it means, that course doesn’t have a translation or you bought the course in English. If it happens, just write on Please note that ebooklets are available in English only.

Usually, we upload recording lessons the next day after the live lessons. We create an account for you the next day after Live Workshop starts and then upload new videos. After new videos will be uploaded in your account you will get several emails:

  • If you don’t have an account at – we will create one for you and you will get an email with credentials (your login and password created automatically)
  • Notification that a new video is available at your account
  • Our personal email just for you with notification and several instructions

In order to change your name please, go to My account -> Edit profile and change First name and Last name fields. Click on the “Update profile” to save the changes.

The Certificate “Confirmation of Attendance” is available only for students of courses released starting from October 2022.

In order to get the certificate please watch all lessons of the course and mark them complete. To mark lessons “complete” please open the course page, then choose the lesson you want to mark complete:

On the lesson page you should find a “Mark Comlete” button.

Then click this button. After this action, this page will redurect you automaticly to another lesson. And the same on the main course page you will see green circles – it means, that you marked comlete the lesson correctly.

For getting the certificate, all lessons should have a green circle:

After that you will this message in the course title:

And then just download your certificate.

And then just download your certificate. If you wish to correct your name on the certificate, please change the name in your account. You can check it here