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A Touch of Sex

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«If you want to understand the business of Life, then you need to examine the business of where Life starts and where Life ends… the business of the bedchamber».

Taoist practice has always been sexy. Four thousand years ago the top shelf was peopled with stories of the Yellow Emperor and the Queen Mother of the West. While the Nei Jing, the Classic of Internal Medicine, became the source for most Chinese medical literature, the Art of the Bedchamber is still widely quoted in almost every orientalistic sex publication in both East and West.

Taoist Shiatsu secrets help modern Lovers harmonize different cycles of arousal: for longer and more pleasurable sexual encounters, to sustain the intensity of first-love though all the seasons of maturing relationship, to avoid energy-loss and maintain good sexual health. It all begins with foreplay.

Shiatsu is a Japanese word meaning finger-push. The pressure-points are the same as for acupuncture. Shiatsu comes from ancient healing practices, when sex was considered healthy, fun and serious business.

You will learn from this book:

  • How you can become a far more effective Lover, however good you are already
  • How to lay, ignite and fan the fires of passion and keep them going through all the seasons
  • Taoist Secrets of Touch the turn-on power of points
  • Exercises for strength, length and juice, better grip, increased staying-power
  • What to look for in a Lover and how to overcome unlucky stars
  • Signs of Arousal. Know when the right moment comes
  • Secrets of Sex Magic, and keeping safe from sexual vampires and parasites