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Awaken Healing Light of the Tao

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This book on Healing Tao foundations will help you awaken your Healing Light, heal your physical body and become like a child again to Return to the Original Source.

The basic foundation of Taoist practice is learning to conserve the physical energy within our bodies so that it will no longer scatter and weaken as a result of our worldly interactions. Full spiritual independence requires that we avoid being drained of this energy through the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, or through excessive sex.

The novice in the Universal Healing Tao System begins with a wide range of exercises that develop the physical body into an efficient and healthy organism, able to live in the world and yet stay free of the tensions and stresses of daily life. One aspires to return to a childlike state of innocence and vitality, to regain the Original Force that is our birthright.

Specific goals of this level are to learn how to heal oneself, how to love oneself, and how to love others. The first level of practice is to develop a healthy body, which can take up to 12 months of diligent training. During this process we learn how to condense and conserve our life-force through the Microcosmic Orbit meditation, Healing Love practice, Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds, and Iron Shirt Chi Kung.

We learn to gather and refine our life-force into a Chi ball (energy sphere) so it will not dissipate when we are ready to leave this world. As people grow older, their life-force weakens, often resulting in illness and suffering. Using drugs to combat illness drains so much of the body’s life-force that there may not enough energy left to follow the primordial light (clear light) to the Wu Chi (our Original Source — God) at the moment of death. The basic practices of the Universal Healing Tao ensure that we retain enough vital energy to make that journey.

All Universal Healing Tao books are based on the real experiences of the many people who practice the system diligently. This book is for both beginning and advanced students. It reflects the many refinements and improvements in the Universal Healing Tao system developed over 20 years of teaching, hundreds of workshops, and feedback from thousands of students. You will find simple and easy-to-follow instructions on how to awaken the Healing Light, Chi, or life-force within.

Universal Healing Tao Publications

ISBN: 0-935621-46-6

Eleventh Printing, 2007