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Awaken your Breath of Life | Self-paced course

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Get rid of stress and connect with your body and mind through breathwork with legendary Taoist Master Mantak Chia.

Taoist breathwork exercises use mindful, intentional and conscious breathing. They majorly emphasize the movement of the lower abdomen  and the diaphragm as well as the lungs and the perineum. These ancient exercises are practical tools for connecting your physical body with your energy body.

During this new course you will discover the most important and powerful Taoist breathing techniques to balance emotions, connect mind and body, increase energy levels and improve overall health. Many of these techniques will be taught for the first time by Master Chia.

Grandmaster Mantak Chia will explain the theory behind each technique and concentrate on the practice. You will see that with changing the pattern of your breath, you can get almost instantaneous positive changes in your vitality, well-being and spirituality.

The course is perfect if you are:

  • A beginner wishing to start Taoist path and learn simple and effective breathing exercises
  • Looking to get rid of stress, bring balance in your life and experience a deep state of flow under the guidance of famous Taoist Grandmaster Mantak Chia
  • An advanced student willing to dive in and learn details of Breathwork in depth

You will get:

  • Pre-recorded lessons with theory you can watch at any time of the day 
  • Live session: 90 min practice with Energy Transmission + Q&A with Grandmaster Mantak Chia 
  • E-booklets with guidance for your practice 
  • Lifetime access to all provided videos and materials


Module 1: Fueling the Fire

Fundamental Taoist techniques of breathing. You will discover how to release and activate your diaphragm and to get back to your natural breathing you had as a child. Regular practice of abdominal breathing has been shown to promote feelings of relaxation, improve sleep quality, and boost overall energy levels. It also lowers blood pressure, improves digestion and helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

You will also learn to light up your Tan Tien (abdominal energy center) fire and increase storage capacity for Qi through abdominal breathing.

Module 2: Body & Mind Clearance

In this lesson you will take one step further: you will learn to clear up and open your energy channels through the breathing technique of Xi Xi Hu Hu.

This technique originates from China and was developed and used by warrior monks. It was later used as a healing method in Classical Chinese Medicine to revive the body. Deep, slow breathing is a natural tranquilizer for the nervous system. It helps stimulate the vagus nerve which can be boosted through abdominal breathing. 

This gentle and calming technique boosts your immune system and respiratory system, and may reduce blood pressure and heart rate.

Module 3: Clearing the energy channels

In this lesson you will learn about energy channels and thrusting channels in the body. 

You will then learn thrusting channels breathing (alternate nose breathing) – a powerful means to clean out the negative emotions and detoxify the organs and glands. It will serve as strong and efficient ways to check your center and observe the status of your emotions. You will discover how to activate your Three Fires (energy within the lower abdomen, the door of life and the heart center) and to unite the 3 fires into one Holy Fire, or Qi Fire. This amazing practice can grant you an abundance of energy.

Module 4: Connect With The Primordial Energies

Master Mantak Chia will guide you through advanced breathing practice. You will discover how to increase your Qi storage capacity and to attract more energy from the Nature and Universe for your daily living, healing and revitalisation.

You will learn about the Primordial Violet Light and will have the chance to reconnect with the Healing Energy and the True Sound of the Cosmos during the Energy Transmission( available in recordings only). Master Chia will do the Energy Transmission through a camera and his voice. Many students practicing with Master Chia have witnessed the power of Violet Light and Primordial Sound and begun their initial Healing.

The practices of this Module are Embryonic breathing, Fire breathing and reverse breathing to train suction power. 

In addition to the general benefits of deep breathing, reverse breathing is used to build Qi and draw it deeply into the tissues and bones, strengthening the immune system. It is also good for toning the abdominal muscles and increasing lung capacity. 

Embryonic breathing is a natural form of breathing, which reproduces the process of prenatal embryonic breathing. From this Breathing, the Qi can be built up and stored at the Lower Tan Tien to an abundant level.

What do you get?
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Master Mantak Chia’s online global seminar
As an Australian of Chinese descent, I am incredibly grateful to Grandmaster Chia for bringing Taoism and Taoist qigong practices to the west so people like me can practice.


Master Mantak Chia’s online global seminar
I loved the improvements in the practices added by Master Chia. Webinar of the Grandmaster gave the opportunity to connect online and to receive teachings and guidance from him. I also enjoyed reading the answers by the senior instructors to the questions asked by the participants.


Master Mantak Chia’s online global seminar
Master Chia is brilliant. There were a lot of exercises to help us feel the energy immediately


Master Mantak Chia’s online global seminar
As an Australian of Chinese descent, I am incredibly grateful to Grandmaster Chia for bringing Taoism and Taoist qigong practices to the west so people like me can practice.


Master Mantak Chia’s online global seminar
I loved the improvements in the practices added by Master Chia. Webinar of the Grandmaster gave the opportunity to connect online and to receive teachings and guidance from him. I also enjoyed reading the answers by the senior instructors to the questions asked by the participants.


22 thoughts on “Awaken your Breath of Life | Self-paced course

  1. Maria says:

    I am so grateful for Master Chias teachings.I am already feeling a remarkable change in my energy levels with a disolving of depression and lethargy. I feel calmer, more energetic and grounded. Thank you to all who are involved in bringing us these teachings.

  2. Waraporn says:

    Thank you so much Master Mantak Chia for powerful ancient techniques of Breathwork! I am learning, practicing and these enhance the quality of my body, mind, emotion. Breath is Life! I am eternally grateful for your wisdom. Kathy

  3. Katerina says:

    I am glad and have to say “thank you” for all information, courses you provide. I am quite long time on my own spiritual way, and those information, you provide, are very important for me. It helps me understand to my body, Universe force, me feelings… Really wisdom here. Thank you. Katerina

  4. Audrey says:

    Thank you for this course. All the techniques are well detailed. It’s a good course to start with and to understand the important role of breathing in our lives.

  5. Cristina says:

    The course is useful and accessible both to novices and advanced people. With many explanations, it allows one to better understand and apply a healthy way of breathing and living. Much gratitude for all the knowledge shared and many thanks, Master Mantak Chia!

  6. Daniela Montagut Cuello says:

    I loved this course as it deepened the positive impact of breathing on our bodies. After doing the practices, I felt more relaxed, at ease, and with a clearer mindset. It’s amazing to see the immediate response of the body once you start practising these techniques.

  7. Lon says:

    I feel like the basic breath work taught here is very important for overall health and good feeling in my body. But there are a large number of more advanced techniques also, which I am just beginning to explore. A lot of great practices compacted into this course. I feel a stronger connection to breath already.

  8. Pao Shun Lui says:

    Excellent self enrichment course!
    Thank you very much, Master Chia!!!

  9. perin says:

    I realised much better the impact of breathing on my body
    the 3 fires into one is much stronger and generate longer heat then usual
    As usual great thanks to master Chia

  10. Ricardo Esquivel says:

    Love this course! Mantak Chia’s teachings are great! This course helped improve my breathing as well as lowered my stress!

  11. Joanna says:

    I am very grateful to Master Chia for this offering. This wonderful information is so interesting and very thorough. The diagrams are really helpful and the exercises clearly explained. I look forward to feeling more and more benefit from doing them. Appreciating this generosity from Master Chia.

  12. Martin says:

    There is only one thing to say about learning this, or any other practice with Master Chia – DO IT!

  13. Isadora Bilancino says:

    This is a unique opportunity to learn very profound teaching from wherever you are.

  14. Pao Shun Lui says:

    online course! Thank you very much Master Chia!

  15. Waraporn says:

    Awaken your Breath of Life Online Course is very enlightening! I learn to breath correctly to cultivate the cosmic energy and awaken cosmic powerful within. Breath is Life. I am glad that I invest in the right platform with Master Mantak Chia’s guidance. His transmission made the Cosmic Knowledge easy to digest and assimilate to my higher subconscious mind. The course is very beneficial with lifetime access. The Live Sessions with Q&A helped us to practice directly with the master. I highly recommend anyone who wants to learn how to access the sacred Cosmic Energy for physical and emotional healing as well as spiritual growth. May the Qi be with ALL! Thank you! Kathy

  16. Anadir Vieira Soeiro says:

    Precious learning experience, with precise straightforward instruction, clarification and guidance that Master Mantak Chia gives us, also allowing us to follow along each step in our own pace so as to best assimilate the practices and its benefits and reach better results. This course is revolutionary, giving us clear access to fundamentals that make all the difference in the development and deepening of balance, serenity, mental and emotional clarity and overall well being. Thank you so much!!!

  17. Guillermo says:

    It’s a wonderful course. The breathing techniques are very well explained. The Xi Xi Hu Hu technique has impressed me. It is very effective and the level of oxygen that the body reaches when performing it is really amazing. Thanks a lot

  18. Riza says:

    Thank you very much for this golden treasure of teachings! I have learned so much which I know will help me with restoring my health. This is the breathing program I definitely was looking for and it is such a gift to learn them directly from Master Mantak Chia. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  19. David says:

    I would Like to Thank Master Chia and the entire team for such a wonderful learning opportunity. The Awaken Your Breath Of Life course is something that everyone should be taught. The exercises and explanations were so important to help people with their healing and maintenance of their wellness through this amazing practice. I would highly recommend this course to everyone who wishes to take charge of their health. Thank you for sharing all the details to create a successful Breathwork practice for longevity and good health and Qi. Many blessings to all of you and may the Qi be with you! Thank you so much!
    Warmest wishes
    David Muller

  20. Cuauhtémoc says:

    The Course was a wonderful experience. I must say that this must be the introduction to any other practice. Only after 2 months , i feel a much better comprehension of the practices that i knew previously: Microcosmic orbit, inner smile, fusion, sexual alchemy, iron shirt, tai chi qi kung… I also experienced an improvement in my digestion. The explanations from master Chia are clear as always. I highly recommend it if you really want to understand the importance of the breath in all the system of healing tao. Thank you and blessings to all!!!!

  21. River says:

    What a great honor to be energetically connected with one of the World’s most foremost master’s and experts in this sacred and ancient art and contemplative meditation practice. The warmer and higher vibrational tone and gentle benevolent persona has helped me to heal from a traumatic brain injury, become more aware and ever present and express myself in a more feeling and heartfelt manner and less like an attorney as was my prior life’s work before becoming a Soul Transformation Coach. The lessons learned from Grandmaster Mantak Chi whether online, in person, or by one of his many masterful books, are invaluable and historically significant for the preservation of an art form that goes back to the Sacred and Venerable Lao Tzu and even before that – some say as many as 3,000 years in the making! Mantak Chia is a legendary and authentic figure in the martial arts and Tao and Qi Gong communities and energy healing in general. A true testament to the One Supreme Creator, or Prevailing Cosmic Force, or the Wu Chi. Many thanks! River Shane Amyx (Soul Transformation Support)

  22. James says:

    I am only halfway through the course, but it has already taken my Chi Gong practice to another level. There is so much detail contained in the course, clear demonstrations with Master Mantak Chia, and powerful and loving explanations it is perfect for beginner and advanced students. Combined with Tai Chi and self-massage it is the perfect start to every day. I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone. Breathe in and fill yourself up with beautiful positive healing loving energy. Peace 🙂

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