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Chi Cards. Formulas for Immortality

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The Universal Healing Tao System created by Taoist Master Mantak Chia consists of many formulas which have been handed down through the centuries in an instructor/student relationship. The ability of students to master these formulas gives them the opportunity to experience their own self-realization or enlightenment. The concise and easily-grasped formulas (Chi Cards) offered in this book will greatly assist you in your practice. You can now simply have a Chi Card available to help you complete the formula and proceed much more smoothly in your practice.

In the Universal Healing Tao System, we are working with internal and external energy. The word in the Tao for energy is Chi (Qi), thus the Chi Cards are energy formula cards. Through the Chi Cards you will become aware of your own energy and the energy around you. After discovering your own energy, you can use the Chi Cards to help purify, transform, regenerate, and transcend your energy, and further discover its relationship to the energy surrounding you.

The first level of the Universal Healing Tao System and the Chi Cards consists of thirty (30) formulas based on and corresponding to six (6) Universal Healing Tao books: Healing Light, Transform Stress, Chi-Self Massage, Iron Shirt I, Wisdom Chi Kung, Taoist Secrets of Love, and Healing Love. There are 20 cards in a packet. The Chi Cards are the size of playing cards which are easy to read and can be easily carried anywhere you go. So you can practice anywhere and bring your Chi Cards.

The front side of the card is the actual formula written down step by step, corresponding with the page numbers of each individual book. On the reverse side there are visual illustrations of the formulas so you can follow them visually. And they continue with Level II: 30 formulas, Level III: 50 formulas, Level IV: 30 formulas, Level V: 40 formulas, and Level VI: 40 formulas for a total of 220 formulas from thirty-one (31) Universal Healing Tao Books: Fusion I-II-III, Tai Chi I-II-III, Cosmic Healing I-II, Chi Nei Tsang I-II, Tao Yin, Simple Chi Kung, Universal World Link, Tan Tien Chi Kung, Cosmic Cleansing, Bone Marrow Nei Kung, Living in the Tao, Tendon Nei Kung, Karsai Nei Kung, Elixir Chi Kung, Secret Teaching of the Tao Te Ching, and Lesser Kan & Li.

This is a very unique and practical way of approaching and working with your practice, not only for beginners, but it is also a teaching aid for certified instructors and practitioners. The Chi Cards will simplify your understanding and practice of the formulas. Now, the Chi Cards have been reformatted in this book, so you will have available all the formulas in one book to give you references and guides for your Taoist practice. In book form, the Chi Cards are easier to read and follow, giving you an excellent reference point from your library for your Taoist understandings and practices.

ISBN: 978-974-451-096-9

First published in 2008 by: Universal Healing Tao Publications