Das Kleinere Erleuchtung Kan & Li – Mantak Chia Courses Das Kleinere Erleuchtung Kan & Li – Mantak Chia Courses

Das Kleinere Erleuchtung Kan & Li

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Kan and Li’s lower Light meditation “water and fire” combines the compassion of the energies of the heart (yang / fire) with the sexual energies coming from the kidneys (yin / water). The practice of the Chinese formula Siaow Kan Li (mixed yin and yang) uses the technology of darkness to literally “transform” the sexual energy (jing) into vital energy (chi) by reversing the location of yin and yang power. This inversion places the heat of the body fire in the centre of the heart under the cool body water of the sexual energy in the perineum, thus activating the release of the transformed sexual energy.

Kan & Li translates as Fire & Water – it involves the alchemical process of steaming and internal coupling – the beginning of the return to the Tao. 

Learn to:

  • Practice nourishing the soul or the energetic body
  • Transform Sexual Energy into Spiritual Energy
  • Learn darkness technology to stimulate the release of DMT
  • Transform sick energy into vitality
  • Recover vital organs, gland, spine, nerves, lymphatic and meridian systems
  • Harness the energies of Earth – Sun- Moon – Planet Alchemy
  • Give birth to your soul body

What You Will Get

  • 4-days workshop
  • 22 hours of video lessons
  • A mix of practical exercises and theory
  • Morning Qigong routine
  • Booklet written by Mantak Chia

Level: Advanced.

Recommended: [Fusion of Five Elements 1, 2, 3]

Certification hours: 20

This workshop is a part of Darkroom Retreat and Winter Retreat 2021. Get Full series with a discounted price.

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