Qigong-Lehrer Stufe 2 / Kurs im Selbststudium

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This package of workshops is perfect for those who wish to deepen their practice or for those who wish to upgrade to Inner Alchemy Qigong Instructor Level 2.

How to get certified?

Requirements for certification: Certified in Inner Alchemy Qigong Level 1 in all 4 disciplines, teaching and practice for minimum 6 months (Level 1).

After participation in this self-pace workshop you should schedule an Evaluation private session (2 to 3 hrs) or 2 days group workshop (both can be done online). To get certified you need to pass at least 1 of the 4 disciplines of Level 2, upgrading any time when ready.

Level 2 disciplines:

  • Tan Tien Qigong (key TTQ)
  • Tao Yin Qigong (key TYQ)
  • Cosmic Healing Qigong (key CHQ)
  • Golden Elixir Qigong (key GEQ)

Evaluation can be done with Senior Instructor Level 1 or 2  or updated Certified Instructor (min. 2 years of teaching practice required)

To learn more about the certification steps to become an Instructor, please click here.

If you have any queries please contact [email protected]

This package includes:

  • Nov 20th- 21th 2021 | Tan Tien Qigong & Cosmic Healing Qigong (Part 1 & 2)
  • Nov 22nd-23rd 2021 | Tao Yin Qigong & Cosmic Healing Qigong (Part 3 & 4)
  • Nov 27th-28th 2021 | Golden Elixir Qigong (Five Finger Kungfu)

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