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Alchimie sexuelle Intensive

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Sexual energy provides an extremely powerful means for physical rejuvenation and accessing a higher spiritual energy. Mantak Chia reveals the secrets of recycling your life-essence in order to increase longevity, improve your quality of life and love-making. This is Mantak Chia’s most popular class!

In this workshop you’ll learn to:

  • Transform sexual energy to strengthen your body, mind & spirit
  • Become multi-orgasmic & know the different types of orgasm
  • Practice sexual reflexology
  • Establish the inner harmony of Yin & Yang / Combine the energies of sex & love
  • Increase your creative power & wisdom
  • Practice Taoist techniques for sexual healing

What You Will Get

  • 2-days workshop
  • 11 hours of video lessons
  • A mix of practical exercises and theory
  • Morning Qigong routine
  • Booklet written by Mantak Chia

Level: All levels, Beginners

Certification hours: 10

This course is part of November Qigong 2021. Follow the link to buy the entire series of workshops at a discount.

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