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Inner Alchemy | Tao Basics
Inner Alchemy | Tao Basics are the foundation practices of the Universal Healing Tao (UHT) System. Consider this the first step on the path, the Way. Dive into your Internal Universe and learn the art of transformation. You will never be the same again!
Sexual Alchemy | Healing Love
Sexual Alchemy is an extremely powerful tool for revitalization and accessing higher spiritual energy. This is Mantak Chia’s most popular class. Recommended: Inner Alchemy | Tao Basics. You will progress safely and in a more integrated way by learning the foundations first.
Short Courses
Short courses with subtitles, perfect for beginners
Beginner-friendly courses. You will learn not only Qigong movements but the theory behind. It makes such a big difference: the Inner Alchemy behind the movement will allow you to heal not only your body but also your mind. Qigong is a centuries-old practice developed by Taoist Masters in ancient China. It involves gentle movements with mental focus, breathing, and relaxation. It allows you to cope with strong emotions and to build resilience with simple mindfulness techniques, recommended by health centers around the world. And studies show that it does work! Mantak Chia is one of the few Qigong Masters who teaches the non westernized Inner Alchemy of Qigong. He will guide you through the Taoist secrets of inner workings for the highest benefit of your Qigong training.
Complete Courses and Taoist Retreats
Get the complete Taoist guide to transform your health, feel more love and gratitude in your life immediately and overcome emotional burdens that can bring you down. Experience Mantak Chia’s special energy transmission that helps accelerate your transformation and feel Qi as you do the practice with him.
For Instructors
Iron Shirt Qigong
Iron Shirt is one of the most important practices to master on the physical plane. It gives grounding and rooting, connecting you to the Earth energy. It allows you to store energy for use in the higher level spiritual practices. Once an ancient martial art, now a health practice - it allows you to develop internal power through external techniques.
Tai Chi Qigong
Tai Chi is both a martial art and a way to cultivate your physical body, energy body and spirit body. This moving meditation is one of the most complete practices there is – it is both an expression of the Tao in movement and a practice to integrate the essence of the Tao. Here, Mantak Chia teaches you the inner structure of Tai Chi, the secrets most teachers won’t share with you!
Fusion of Five Elements
Fusion of the Five Elements is known as the Taoist Jewel – a more advanced Inner Alchemy meditation and energy practice for powerful emotional transformation. These meditation practices are targeted at strengthening the body and the spirit on all levels. Recommended: Inner Alchemy & Sexual Alchemy
Kan & Li | Higher Level Practice
All ancient civilizations went into the dark. There they found truth, wisdom and enlightenment - – accessing spiritual and psychic realms of consciousness. Mantak Chia created the largest and most advanced darkness facility in the world at his home in Tao Garden. With a little preparation you can create your own darkroom retreat at home - and be guided by the world’s No 1 expert on darkroom technology.
Cosmic Healing
Connect your own Qi potential with the planetary vibrations of our universe. It opens a way of absorbing cosmic energy, storing it and using it for health and long life – for oneself and for others. This is a rarely taught practice in the West with powerful effects!
Chi Nei Tsang
Chi Nei Tsang is a Taoist organ detox massage, with a focus on the abdominal area. It’s famous for its exceptional effectiveness and immediate benefits - one of the most powerful treatment modalities available. This treatment and it’s many protocols were uniquely developed by Master Mantak Chia. Learn from Source.
Price: €199
Workshop for Instructors: Update your skills
Price: €450
Instructor Training | Inner Alchemy Immersion
Price: €230
Inner Alchemy Basic Comprehensive